Our mission

Our origins are exclusively as distributors of gaming accessories offering specific services to specialised retailers.

With the passing of the years our DNA has changed making us into something more than a straightforward intermediary: dynamic and proactive, we are always ready to take the market by storm and conquer new, thrilling heights.


Our Brand

For us TwoDots is more than simply a brand: our aim is to create dynamic, high performance products with an excellent price/quality ratio, ideally combined with the #MoveYourFun concept.

TwoDots is active in three macro areas: electric vehicles, drones and videogames.
If the brand origins lay in controllers and accessories for gaming, it has been with electric vehicles and drones that we truly took a leap forward, occupying market shares which are significant to say the least.

And that’s not all: our product ranges are constantly expanding including by means of important international level licensing operations such as with Lamborghini and TwoDots is by definition always ready to take the bull by the horns, never standing still but grasping new opportunities with both hands, always.

Visit us on www.twodots.it

Our Clients

Our Distribution