Electric Vehicles

Veicoli elettrici, hoverboard

Electric mobility is a convenience and practicability investment and not simply a fascinating but still theoretical possibility. Polluting less, saving on maintenance and taxes, more flexible travel when traffic is restricted and, above all, having fun: these are just some of the aspects which have powered the hoverboard and similar product boom. 

Business figures and potential for the next 10 years are impressive with growth rates of around 10% each year for electric bicycles and 50-70% for hoverboards across Europe. In Italy, too, despite a still not entirely clear legal framework and a decidedly non-innovative culture, sales will be significant: sales of around 300,000 electric vehicles in 2016 are forecast (cars excluded). 

So hoverboards, kick scooters, skateboards and electric bicycles have now entered the homes of Italian families. In a static consumer electronic market, falling in some categories, electric vehicles represent an opportunity for recovery both today and in the future including for the large scale distribution networks and for speciaist retail. 

X-Joy, one of the foremost companies in Italy to believe in these goods, has conquered a leadership position with TwoDots brand distribution. One of our secrets is attention to aspects such as product safety, quality and material design and suitable post-sales service.